The only limit to one’s impact is the amount of his commitment. It is this commitment to clients and their needs that have aided me in building a reputation based on trust, honesty, transparency, and most importantly, loyalty, which has helped cement relationships spanning decades. These relationships are something that matters most rather than short-term gains, and it is this reason that these bonds only gets stronger with time.
With an overall experience of 30 years with the Income Tax and Bank of India, Dilip Khanderkar built up unrivaled expertise in the financial sector. He also holds a diploma in journalism and is well versed with real estate law. Aided by his cast-iron integrity, pleasing personality, unmatched interpersonal & communication skills, and the rare ability to create bond and relationships, it wasn’t long that he found his calling.

Soon, he realized the growing potential of real estate and decided to venture into this promising sector. Tasting immediate success, he established Panaah Estate, a real estate consultancy services firm to consolidate on his initial successes.

His firm Panaah Estate was inducted in the Estate Agents’ Association of India and conferred life time membership in 1992. His firm is now one of the most respected and trusted names in the Mumbai with Dillip Khanderkar himself being considered amongst the foremost experts in the field of real estate. Panaah Estate was officially rechristened DKRealtors in 2009 and has been growing leaps and bounds ever since.
  • Founding President of Shivaji Park Estate Agents’ Welfare Association (SPEAWA)
  • Certified SBI Bank Home Loan Counselor
  • Member of Real Estate Fortnightly Accommodation Times
  • Renowned Clientele of Esteemed Businessmen and Professionals